The Riders

Hello! We’re Kristen and Will. We’re a couple of bike-loving urbanists and amateur adventurers,  most recently based in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Currently, we are biking across the U.S. from north to south, following the Mississippi River’s banks from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Kristen Moreau
Kristen is an architectural designer, writer, and creative activist.  She is originally from New York’s Lower Hudson Valley and loves her bike almost as much as her rescue dog, Jib.

Will Drucker
Will is a sustainability professional who recently graduated with an MBA at University of Chicago. He hails from Wilmette, Illinois and is an avid cyclist and adventurer.

Feel free to shoot either of us a note via kemoreau [at] gmail [dot] com & w.s.drucker [at] gmail [dot] com. We’d love to hear your advice and suggestions for stops along the river!
Kristen Moreau and Will Drucker


  1. We are so glad to have met the both of you. We are always excited to hear about the adventures down the river. You two are an amazing and adventurous couple. We really do hope we see you down the river. Blessings on this part of your life journey!
    The Smith crew!



  2. Psyched! Can’t wait to follow all the wild twists & turns to this adventure. Wheels down, Heads up! May the tube gods be good to you. Best of luck Uncle Pete



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